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This text is taken out of my book “The New Jesus-Prayer”, until now only available in German. The translation was done by Google Translator. When i have time it will be edited.

15. The spiritual application
To what extent change here thought represented our lives as Christians? Some we have already said, but we summarize again.
There is only one truth, and we are part of it. The world can not deprive us of what is our eternal heritage and what we are. Therefore, we need not to be afraid, because God created us not only constantly new, he embraces us, protected and guided us on our way of awakening.
To us, it is to be illusions of a temporal happiness in the world behind us and to learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Doing the will of God, who is always thinking in our favor, is the biggest step in our awakening. Only when we do this more and more, we are true followers of Jesus. In this way, it is no longer important where we are, because we already do what all enlightened beings in the universe to do: the source, to serve love. God will not tear our family and our house, if we follow his voice. God knows nothing of families and homes, because the world of objects and bodies is alien to him. But the Holy Spirit understands both the sky and the world. He may God’s will, the only wishes luck to all his children, applied to all levels of dreams and realities in which these children live. The dreams that the Holy Spirit offers us does not allow us to use things in our lives for the creation of further illusions. He will always show us how we can use everything in our lives to awakening. So, if it, in the teaching of Jesus, who knew that we only see what we believe (Mk22.11.ff.) comes to happier dreams and not about victims, then we realize that we are really doing something for ourselves if we follow him. Extend love, both in meditation and in daily life, is the royal road to win the love for ourselves, for the kingdom of heaven works very simply this: God created His children than anything, to make sure that they all forever have. But to see this, we need to do as I said, what Jesus suggested; we have what we have been given by God to expand.
We as Christians by the unreal world of the matrix of space and time and do not try to escape it, because to escape trial or fortzu-dream keeps us here only firmly. By contrast, we have both feet firmly on the ground, knowing that they do not really, but to be free entirely here, to be completely in the body, to be fully awake and completely for ourselves, for our neighbor and for God because to be. We accept the gravity does not preclude that pushes us to this planet, but give us her so much that we are free from it. Then we are really able to see our brothers and sisters. When we forgive and only see them in innocence because nothing could change her mind, God created the completely pure, we will see the face of Christ in them. And since they are only a reflection of our identity here in the dream, then we know that we are one with Christ himself.
Maybe our lives will change only in one respect, we will persuade no guilt or be persuaded by others and we will serve God, rather than the people. Whether then something will change in the appearance depends on the plan that has been provided for us by the Holy Spirit. Yes, that’s right, the Holy Spirit has for each one of us a plan, an exit plan. A dream that will lead us from all dreams. This dream gives us back the meaning of life, which we have previously anywhere so desperately sought. We now learn to identify ourselves with the apparent emptiness of the mind that is not emptiness, but fullness. The mind is full of things that we can not hear and see, but which are more real than this world that we see so clearly, and listen. We have to learn it instead of investing in the world in the spirit. That is all we know to abandon in favor of something that we no longer remember but still crave. But there is no other way back to freedom.

Our short exercise that we offer here, helping us rapidly increase our frequency and to change our lives. How can we make the experience quite to his mind? See you after the experience of connectedness with the spirit and fear us but before. Therefore it is important to nourish the desire for God in themselves and to be the spiritual path maid.
We have already emphasized that bring us forgiveness and love to the right path, the path to awakening. We need only awarded at the end of ourselves, because we are in a matrix, an animation that draws on our conscious and unconscious Gedan-ken. We nourish other, more positive thoughts, we will soon see a different world. We think constantly of God, we will eventually awaken all from the world of dreams into reality.
The first step is this: Just imagine all the things to be empty before. First, a finger, a hand, and then your whole body. Then you imagine the chair on which you sit in front and so on as empty until you look at all the things around you as empty and ultimately the whole universe.
The second step is the establishment of the all-encompassing awareness.
This empty awareness must first be stabilized in your head, right where your brain is and all the thoughts arise. Sit back and to stare at a blank wall. Let the wall your awareness back mirror in your head. Keep a ball this empty awareness, until you can do this even without wall outdoors and do everywhere. Then go into all empty properties and also recognize them in the same space of emptiness and awareness.

The third step: The recitation of the Jesus Prayer. Repeat the prayer “Jesus” or “Jesus, have mercy on me” with every breath in thought, so often you remember the day it. Then you will return all the things to be empty before, and empty your head and exhale through the emptiness in your mind with the name of Jesus. Connect yourself with the spirit, which we all share with each other.

The fourth step: When we pray the Jesus Prayer, we can imagine that gratitude leaves our bodies and our hearts and we can choose the things for which we are grateful to see us, even if the symbols of the world Us otherwise seem to indicate. If we do this with various ideas like love, abundance and peace, we can change the way we live in this world, quickly, because we decide at once, what things mean. If we extend gratitude, we must be happy. If we extend love, love in us has to be. If we live in the embrace of the Upper Gemaches, this becomes a gateway to the unit. Each has a slightly different approach to unity. It may be the breath, the mind without thought, the face or the crown chakra, the hands, the heart, and much more. It is important to spend enough time in front of this gate, praying, until we can pass below and we no longer need the gate.
16. The purpose of our practicing is a new church (This item is also at the end of my book The New Jesus Prayer)
Why am I writing all this? I think it’s time to join some kind of underground church, a spiritual movement that is not registered in the register, which meets in private homes and their members do not talk about their meetings in public. This new church, which the children of the wind called, formed from cells or circles. The word circle refers to the embrace in the upper room, which has replaced the table and the Holy Grail. Now the community group is the new cup into which the Holy Spirit can pour. The Holy Spirit is none other than our own spirit healer and is the bridge to God, who is infinite, and therefore is the only thing that really exists. Community means within the meaning of Jesus, a space where everyone can discover who he really is, or rather how it is meant. The freedom of self-expression or self-expression ends where the boundaries of the freedom of others to achieve. Ultimately, it can only be there a healthy community with healed individuals where the intercession Shambles worry this is part of the everyday life. This sets out our egocentrism. We are not our own creators, but to remind us of God, our Creator, who as part of Himself created us, we must live as He lives, that is, in fraternity and love. These circles or Cohens are mostly linked by monthly meetings. Because the meetings are to remain confidential, they are often hidden under a cover story. One calls these meetings Meditation group, walking group, dance group or more. The children of the wind so do not occur to the public under this name. They can be contacted via a web site or perhaps speak in turn potential members. Why should they be anonymous? For several reasons. On the one hand that they are not exposed to the corrosive view of so-called public, or better, to have the media who prefer certain interpretations of reality, to withdraw all of the events, projects and people in their mediocre common sense, so that real alternatives are prevented success and the system really be questioned. This self-preservation of each system is part of our lives in the world. Furthermore, these groups, which meet behind closed doors, meet the desire of many for belonging and recognition better that at the time the strangest and most terrible “flowers” drives many young people from all over the world especially in the field of Islam. That is why the world which threatens increasingly to fall into chaos needs a network of disciplined and resolute followers of Christ to act like leaven through society, as a kind of anchor on the ground of reason and a ladder into the light. We are talking here not so much of a defense or preservation of Christianity as we know it. In the future, we need more than religions who worship an external god. My personal dream is rather that people come together again to a tribal culture, in which every individual belongs to a group that can include between sixty to one hundred twenty members. These clans can use their own culture, their own goals and their own myth possess, with the corresponding spirituality. You can arrange meetings and parties and celebrations with other clans their differences in an open exchange and curiosity, without any slipping in some kind of competition. The children of the wind can make a pioneer of this new culture of belonging, which cancels the not quite random because geared towards consumption and control of Western culture separation and dismemberment and heals.
These groups should be first of all because of its members. They are not hierarchically organized, but more like a round table, the communion table. What exactly happens to the weekly meetings, each group is up to you. However, it should be taken at new groups that do not crystallize habits to rituals that are in turn considered sacred. Since the group is supposed to serve the individual in its transformation, the individual and the group has to serve because he learns in this way provide what is, and what riches it can do. For this you have to get used to the new idea that the light of heaven may also cause very real effects. For this was allowed a brief look at the current astrophysics. The light could be the unknown power that made-side drives the universe and indeed with slowly increasing speed. This apart-driven are astrophysicists has amazed they believed but how many of us to a slowing expansion of the universe that would be slowed down by gravity, to finally completely deflating property. At this pulsating universe my grandmother still believed. But now it’s different, the universe expands forever. Responsible for this is perhaps that same light that everyone can feel in our time. It can physically feel it, an ever stronger penetration of high energy in the body. This light penetrates the darkness of matter, until everything has turned into back-light. The children of the wind, of which I write here, this light shall be taken away to anywhere. Follow the inner voice and pray without ceasing. They are the messengers of the new age. They bring a religion of love, a religion that sanctifies the everyday. Jesus is one of them, one that preceded them and yet is still with them. Who can summon such a group? Anyone who feels called to praying the Jesus prayer and a messenger wants to be God. The founder of a group must be the servant of all. Who usurps authority over others, had no pure intention from the beginning. Only those who screened his motives repeatedly, it can avoid falling into the trap of ego. The children of the wind are groups who meet to meditate together, to pray and to share a meal. You can also go on excursions, call projects or prolong life even together. If the connection of the members are close, it is perhaps a good idea to follow the guidelines of Paul Ferini for Affinity groups or the like. The groups have a very good Alcoholics Anonymous culture there life together, as well as an outstanding spiritual program.
Groups that do not follow the principles of love, mutual respect and self-responsibility for all occurring feelings, but move into a nightmare of withdrawal, control and isolation, they no longer live the values ​​of this hidden network until the path the wind to return, which blows where it wills. This is a call back to establish grass-roots Christian mysticism, as throughout the ages Christians have-found together in order to live the Gospel. Whoever sets out to search for a group such, located on a Grail quest, because the community is the holy grail of today.


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