In my book about the new revelation “The Course Of Miracles” i also included some conversations between Jesus and Lucifer of which we know only one from the new testament. These were written by myself. I hope they are inspired.


First Conversation of Jesus with Lucifer

On the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, by 140 AD,

Jesus was wrapped in dark cloth.

Lucifer was in the garb of a Roman officer.

L: “Where is now the kingdom of God you have prophesied? It’s all gone down the drain. Jerusalem’s temple is destroyed and your Christians are scattered to the four winds. Of the Jews, your people, we don´t even speak.”

J: “As I already foresaw. Even the stones have cried in my vision. It would have been better not to know the future. Even better it would have been if my people had listened to me.”

L: “And the kingdom of God? Is it still coming? Did you not say that your disciples will see it coming? ”

J: “The kingdom of God has come with my awakening. You know exactly what’s going on, Lucifer.”

L: “No, I do not see anything. Another time, you made an unfulfilled promise. You have not made any decision. You didn´t join the liberals nor the fanatics nor the collaborators. You had danced at every wedding… The Jews fought at least. But your people just ran away and have been waiting for God or you to come back. But neither God nor you showed up again.”

J: “For those who did not listen, the story may reach out into the future for a long time. For those however, who hear me, I’m forever there. You look at a world, which winds up in agony, because it believes in your thoughts. You think you’re an advocate of the people, who needs to be defended against the love of God. But this is not so. Inside the heart of every one who walks on this earth, the kingdom of God still shines perfectly clear and untouched, even in you. I wanted everyone to remember, for the kingdom of my father has no end.”