About A Course In Miracles

This text is taken out of my Book “The Course of Miracles” by Peter Campelo. This Course is thought to be another revelation of Jesus or another inspired book of modern Christianity. It is not necessary to believe  this in order to be part of The Children of the Wind.

Salvation Without Sacrifice

The shared idea that “there must be another way” was a prerequisite for receiving the messages of Jesus for the third millennium. Two people had joined together in the search for a better way. They were Schucmen Helen and William Thetford, both professors in the Department of Medical Psychology at Columbia University in New York City. They had suffered from the stress and the rivalry in their fields, but also under their inadequate means for helping. They had searched seriously for an alternative. However, they were both scientists through and through and did not believe in spiritual things. When Helen´s inner awareness woke up by vivid dreams and advance knowledge of important events, she panicked. Especially when the inner voice started to speak to her saying, “This is a course in miracles, please take notes!” The encouragement of Bill was needed to reassure her to start to write the material down. The course material Helen was given between 1965 and 1972 happened in an inner dictation which could be interrupted at any time and resume elsewhere. Meanwhile, she was in no trance, but in her normal waking state. The content of the material was deeply contrary to her scientific and atheistic beliefs. She remembered one moment oddly though that she had committed herself to the writing of this message a long time ago. Memories of events “before this lifetime” was the last thing she could accept. So she was about to destroy her writings and finish the listening after that inside. However, since she recognized the urgency of this endeavor, she agreed to cooperate further, but without knowing how much material would be given and how long it would take. It took seven years to receive the three books which this course consists of now.

This material contains the blueprint of the human spirit. If we apply it, our lives will change dramatically. There are no boundaries for the help it can provide us with. To understand it, we have to forget much of what we think we know and try to consider all things in a new way. The answer was not where we thought it might be; otherwise we would have found it long ago.

If we are really desperate, then we may ask ourselves if we were wrong, or if we had taken a wrong turn somewhere in our lives. And it is this question we should ask ourselves now, in case we spend our lives not in perfect love, but in deep peace and full of happiness yet. But who likes to admit a mistake? In most cases, we will justify our decisions, as long as we can, in order not be responsible. If we insist in being innocent, we must logically regard ourselves as victims of outside circumstances. In this way we have seemingly saved our innocence, but have also thrown away the power to determine our lives. Many spend lifetimes in this way because they believe they must escape responsibility for their failures at any cost. Why are we so afraid of responsibility and guilt?


Why is it so terrible to fail? And who could condemn us? These fears may have a cause but it must lie deeper than we suspect. Maybe they have to do with our buried and forgotten relationship with God. We do not want to think like the people of ancient times, who considered their soul as a vast ocean in which they could get lost or find their identity. We believe to have only a small ego, which is opposed to a vast universe that can only be protected by sophisticated techniques and safety precautions. What would happen if someone told us that we were wrong all the way and our opinions and judgments meant nothing? If we allowed this acknowledgement representing the message of the Course to be true for a moment, what would change? If we were wrong completely, then we would wander blindly through an obscured world and we would be pushed around by unknown forces. Does this sound a little familiar? Why then are we still alive? The author of the course says we sleep safely in heaven, while we are dreaming of danger and death. The course points out a way to safe dreams that ultimately will lead us to the awakening.

He promises it to open up a path, of which we didn´t hear before, a path of glory, presenting a scenery of grandeur and vast vistas that open when one is proceeding further. But even in these prospects, where the radiance can reach incredible heights, what remains still behind all that is waiting for us at the path´s end. This way leads towards love, but what love really is and what it can be for us, we will understand only little by little along the way and not completely until the very end.

The course tries to speak of things that are beyond our ability to grasp and even further he tries to train our thinking in such a way that we can reach a vision of another world.

The course was called by Sai Baba, an Indian avatar, the “Vedanta in the West.” The Hindu Vedanta speaks of how the world had emerged from the Absolute, which laws determine the life here and what kind of yoga should be used for the different paths to liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Furthermore, the Vedanta teaches everyone that they can wake up from the dream of the world, once one recognizes his own perfection and in constant awareness.

The Course in Miracles does not agree with all of the Vedanta´s teachings, especially not with the idea of this world arising from the inhaling and exhaling of Brahman/God. The Course is quite certain in saying that this world was not created by God and agrees herein with the western Gnostic tradition and Buddhism.